Blogathon entry – Kira Herlaar “Being a mum is hard…”

Being a mum is hard…

Being a FIFO mum is extremely difficult…

Wanna know why? Well let me say this, having no parenting help for 4 out of 5 weeks however still trying to include and co-parent from a distance while attempting to keep your relationship still hot and happening is no walk in the park… However I love it!
Sounds contradictory .. Maybe.. However due to the crucial need for amazing communication our relationship is as solid as it could be, FIFO or not.
We talk, up to 6 times a day. About what??? Well everything, it’s important that we know what’s happening in our own worlds, remember when you first started dating and used to talk for hours?? Couldn’t wait for that text or phone to ring? What happened? Try, try and try.
I used to think relationships were sunshine, rainbows and unicorns… It’s not, there are times I’m angry, sad, heart broken however there is a sense of comradery that comes from being a solid influence in our childrens lives.Bet your asking why we do FIFO? Well it works for us, it is hard and trying however we are setting up our lives and our childrens lives in a time where it is hard to get by.

Life is a series of choices.

With bad choices being made on a daily bases, life can be quite overwhelming. However without actively acknowledging small changes I have found life to be an extremely intensely happy place. I am choosing to be happy, and I am more conscious of my choices. I am on a path for myself and my family to utilise buy ultram online with visa each day and document how simple choices can change a life of disorder into a freeing and amazing existence!

I’m not sure what should be first, however I’m thinking that tackling the difficult habit of spending may also help the other bad choice of health. My 17-year-old son has excessive weight since childhood. We didn’t pay much attention to it until it has gone too far. His weight grew to 227lbs and his health started to get worse. Our GP said he can take, buy phentermine to reduce appetite and prescribed a 37.5mg pill before breakfast daily. I must say he has lost some weight already and is full of energy.

In a nutshell I would like to tackle many areas, although I understand that with every positive change there will be a ripple effect which will with any luck make my journey easier.
I am not giving myself time limits, although in saying that it’s my life so I am sure my lifetime is an adequate timeframe. I am not unhappy, and I am not hurting, I’m not ashamed. I am of a realisation that I am worth this life, and if I want something, then I should try. The only thing that may happen is I may fail, and who is that hurting? Me and my pride.. So really as long as I have the right perspective then there is no downside. I could fail or I could succeed!