Blogathon entry – Melanie Conlin “Missing or Kissing”

I hate saying my husband has been gone from home for (insert number here) days. I prefer to say I have been missing him for said number of days. And, at the end of his stint, I start counting the days until we are kissing.

So I came up with the tag, Missing or Kissing. My friends ask me, “Are you missing or kissing next weekend?” when making plans or to find out if he is home or not. A lot of our FIFO friends now use it too.

The term “AWAY” signifies not being with your loved ones, or maybe going on a trip or holiday. It could also be used as a term when visiting The Big House (jail) and working FIFO is none of the above.

My husband also gets in trouble with not only me but his workmates, if they refer to their remote worksite as “HOME”. He said everyone groans and rolls their eyes if someone has a slip of the tongue and says buy inderal from us, xanax online 1mg they are going home when they are really just going back to their donga.

Aarghhhhh no! That is not home, home is HERE, with ME and the kids.

I can see how easy it is when you spend four weeks there and only one week actually here to refer to your place of work as home.

But, we can’t let this happen. We have to remind them this is home, you are part of this home and we hold a special place for you even when you are absent.

Whether we are “Missing or Kissing”, I feel it is really important to our relationship to remind him that we don’t sit in your seat at the dinner table. And no-one uses your special glass. And I still take the throw pillows off your side of the bed and fold down the sheets.

Three years ago I had a heart attack and the doctor recommended me to take Prednisone. I used to buy it in various pharmacies in my area, but my friend advised me to look for it online to save money. I found it on and now I will buy it only here. It’s a pity that I didn’t know about this online pharmacy before!

Because I never want to get used to you not being part of my “home”.