My Fifo Family partners with the Aboriginal Literacy Foundation

Out of sheer respect for the amazing work the foundation does, 50 cents from every copy of  “My Boomerang Dad” goes to supporting the Aboriginal Literacy Foundation.

Why support the ALF

“The Aboriginal Literacy Foundation (ALF) provides weekly one-on-one literacy tutoring to Indigenous children struggling to make literacy gains at school. We provide Indigenous Literacy and Heritage Camps to fast track literacy and numeracy learning’s for significantly disadvantaged students. These programs are provided by a dedicated team of volunteers and paid tutors.

The Foundation also supplies books and literacy backpacks to children in remote communities to encourage them in their educational journey. We fund education scholarships for Indigenous young people to give them the best possible start and greater educational opportunities.

The ALF also conduct literacy testing for Indigenous children to enable early intervention and tailored support. Through many of the Foundation’s campaigns we create community awareness with the aim of closing the poverty gap.

Early intervention and support in literacy and numeracy skills is vital to keep Indigenous children engaged in education. Sadly, 87% of Indigenous children in regional and remote areas struggle to read and write and fall well below the national literacy benchmarks.”




For ways that you or your workplace can help support this fantastic organisation follow the link or simply purchase a copy of “My Boomerang Dad.” From

My Fifo Family – Supporting the community.

Deanne Hislop