My Fifo Family Supports Miners’ Promise

Miners’ Promise is a not for profit legacy-type organisation – we are there in your times of greatest need. However, we are much more. Miners’ Promise is there for ‘all seasons’ and the issues that arise in our lives … week in, week out.

Our aim is to be, in a sense, a part of your family … and that has always been the Miners’ Promise objective! No organisation can be all things to all people; but at Miners’ Promise we can be the conduit to those who can assist and provide you with ordering bactrim online expertise and experience in dealing with most things we are likely to face in a world which can, on occasions, seem ever more challenging.

Becoming a Miners Promise member costs just $6 per week and allows instant access to financial planning, estate planning, legal advice and a host of other supporting and helpful benefits.

For more information please visit or call 1300 124 014