My Fifo Family 2016 FIFO Planners now available.

Taking orders now for customised, branded and non branded orders.
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Australia’s favourite FIFO planner is back and packed full of new features – it really is the planner for EVERYONE!

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Our 2016 planner is all about looking after yourself.

In our 2016 planner you will find:

  • Monthly spots to write health and financial goals
  • A new symbol sticker to show pay days
  • A guide to healthy eating for you and your family
  • Great tips on how to de stress, breathing exercises and yoga stretches
  • Tips to keep the family well connected
  • And all the usual features, large calendar dates, over 1000 stickers, parenting advice, activities to try.

All orders placed before October 20 receive an extra 5% discount and guaranteed buy xanax antidepressant pre-Christmas delivery.

Each calendar comes with:

  • Stay connected info booklet
  • Tax and budgeting tips for FIFO workers
  • Pre flight checklist

Plus you will receive free invites to all employees for our:

  • Parents working away program
  • Teens workshop

Subsidised places for:

  • Suicide prevention workshops

You will also receive free colour ins and activity pages for any family days or other events and 5 free childrens books for every 100 calendar sold!




This year we have included these two great infobooklets to help make working away a more rewarding and sustainable lifestyle choice.

  • Tips for staying connected during times apart
  • Budgeting and tax tips for FIFO families




All orders placed before October 20 receive an extra 5% discount and guaranteed pre-Christmas delivery.

Click here to download the order form.