Blogathon entry – Diary of a FIFO wife “I’m not a single parent”

Some of you already know me from my blog Diary of a FIFO Wife, for others this may be the first time you’re reading my thoughts…

I can be opinionated at times (or so my hubby tells me) I never mean to offend but hey I guess that’s one of the risks I take by having a very public diary!

So… What has been on my mind lately in this complex world that is FIFO life???

Before becoming a proud FIFO partner/wife I was a single parent to 2 of our 4 little rascals. I often hear people compare having a partner that works away to being a single parent and I’m not just talking about non FIFO people. I’ve heard it amongst the FIFO community too and personally I can’t stand the comparison! Not only do I find it insulting to me but it’s a massive slap in the face to my hard working husband and to hard working single parents.

Yeh being a FIFO wife is hard but I am very much still a wife! I found my happily ever after when I fell in love with my high-vis honey and I won’t for a second lose sight of that, no matter how long or how often he is away…

Oh but you only mean in comparison to juggling kids etc on my own for 4 weeks out of every 5??? Nope that doesn’t change my dislike for the comparison!

When I was a single parent don’t get me wrong, I was content with my life but there were times when all I wished for was to have buy alprazolam 1 mg online someone who would listen to my worries, tell me everything will be ok, remind me to just breathe, share the good times with and comfort each other through the bad, someone to love my babies the way I did… someone to love ME baggage and all and to be willing to sacrifice so much for our little family.

Even though I saw my baggage as more valuable than Luis Vuitton it still seemed like a big ask from someone and for a while I was convinced there wasn’t a person in this world that could fill the empty place in my heart…

New Year’s Eve almost 6 years ago when the clock struck 12am and the confetti fell in around us at a nightclub in Northbridge WA (of all places!) there he was… a man that has been more than anything I could’ve ever wished for.

My husband doesn’t do this job and work so hard to have his role as a parent considered invalid while he is away! I just want to thank a great team of for their devoted work. I know I’m a troublesome client, as I always call the support service and start asking dozens of questions. This time I got answers to all of them and was greatly impressed by the professionalism and knowledge of the staff. So I can truly recommend this website.

Just because he isn’t physically here doesn’t mean my status changes, I never feel like a single parent… I always have someone who is there for me and supports me, I can always say ‘I can’t wait until the end of the swing when hubby comes home’, I can count down until our time together, I have someone who loves our little family, a mix of his, mine and ours equally with all of his heart and it’s felt no matter how much time is spent apart.

It isn’t like being a single parent, not for a second!