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Cody’s daddy (my partner) flew out last Tuesday for the first time to Barrow Island. My son is 5 and just like most other 5 year olds he has a very vivid imagination and comes out with hilarious stories.

The conversation first began when he asked me to show him on the map where daddy works and I explained he worked on an island not too far from where we are in Perth.

On the phone that evening Cody then started asking daddy some strange questions. The conversation is as follows!

Cody: "daddy, go outside your room now but be careful of the wild animals and walk into the bush and find some wood"

Daddy: "what wild animals, why do I need wood"

Cody: "you need to make a bow and arrow, sword and hammer just like Thor. You need to protect yourself dad"

Daddy: "protect myself from what"

Cody: "ARE YOU OUTSIDE DAD" yes he was yelling

Daddy: "no I'm in bed, I can't go outside"

Cody: "why not, are the wild animals outside your room?"

Cody: "you need to find a horse so you can be up high when you use the bow and arrow to shoot the wild animals"

This conversation went on and on until daddy fell asleep!

Every night Cody is asking daddy which wild animals he has found and if he has used his weapons for protection

We love that out of a rough situation Cody has used his imagination to create this little make believe world where he thinks daddy is working.

Cody has two chronic medical conditions and spends a lot of time in hospital and when home has treatment twice daily and ambien medications throughout the day.

He is so brave and our little superhero.

We love how well he adapts to his daddy working away and always seems to make the sunshine on a rainy day.

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