Blogathon entry – Tara Nolan “I’m not lucky”

‘Lucky your husband has a good job’, ‘lucky he works away so you don’t have to put up with watching football’, ‘lucky you get so much time to yourself’, ‘lucky you don’t have to worry about money’, ‘my husband couldn’t bare to be away from me and our kids, lucky yours does’

The word ‘lucky’ gets thrown at me all the time. But there is nothing lucky about it. Hard work. Sacrifices. Planning. Risks. And a whole lot of love. That is what makes us FIFO families successful, generic klonopin pills not lucky.

I grew up with a FIFO Dad. And I promised myself when I had a family of my own that both parents would sit around the dinner table every night, something I envied of my friends growing up, whose mums & dads were at every Dance recitals, swimming carnival or Christmas. Yet here I am. Not lucky, but Surprisingly living this lifestyle by choice.

Any FIFO wife will have a suitcase full of insulting comments that have been hurled in there direction. Yet I doubt wives of doctors and lawyers have to deal with the constant sledging we do, even buy cheap medications though their job has long days and sometimes takes them away from family time, or share a similar mound of coins in the bank. I often wonder, and why aren’t they lucky? Both have years of hard work to get where they are, but maybe the difference lies in the colour of their collar.

Lucky he likes blue. Lucky he left school early to do an apprenticeship. Lucky he works in conditions may others could not hack, without complaint. Lucky he survives on camp food and spends most nights alone. Lucky he’s a hard worker, not bothered by getting a bit dirty. And Lucky I’m independent.

It’s 11am on a Saturday and I receive a photo of a temperature gauge sitting in the shade reading 46*c. At that moment I stop and appreciate the hard slog my husband has while I’m surrounded by our little tribe. Another message follows shortly after “it’s gearing up for a hot summer, lucky it doesn’t worry me. It will be all worth it when we’re retiring early sitting back drinking piña coladas”.

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Nothing lucky about it.