Re-charging over the Christmas break – A message from My Fifo hubby

As the Christmas break approaches, it’s that time of year for those lucky enough to have RnR and annual leave to get the chance to relax.

Let’s face it most of the time if you have children in school or with busy social activities to attend, your usual RnR becomes a busy time which comes and goes all too quickly playing taxi drivers. This Christmas if you are one of the lucky ones that have longer than your usual RnR off, enjoy the down time, the Schools are closed and as well as most of the sporting activities, so enjoy the time and get some real rest and relaxation.

Spend the time you would usually spend driving the kids to school or to sporting activities with them one on one. Reading books bactrim online,, play in the park, teach them to ride a bike, these are small things that will mean so much to your children and will give you the chance to see how much they have grown while you have been busy working away.

Time is something I know I take for granted and it’s always this time of year where presence over presents really counts. So enjoy the Christmas holidays enjoy the time away from work and if you do have to work over the holidays, you can always have Christmas in January. Providing you have that quality time with your family the time of year shouldn’t be something that puts added pressure on your family unit.

Be safe and recharge those batteries ready for whatever 2014 might bring.